Maranathakerk, Den Haag


19 Mar 2022


20:15 - 22:15

Springlevend! – Kamerkoor LUX

Kamerkoor Lux presents Springlevend!:

A program in which dark winter time is left behind, for a new start to spring. Time of light, of new life, of rebirth and of cheerful, vibrant energy. We move towards the light, even if sometimes the darkness is still there. Without dark there is no light after all, not even in music.

Work by  G. Malher, F. Poulenc, D. Lang, L. Andriessen, J. Dove, E. Grieg etc

To see the full program visit the link: http://www.kamerkoorlux.nl/springlevend/


Kamerkoor Lux

Angeliki Ploka, conductor

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